As a major player in the Chinese civil aviation sector, Safran is also present in other industrial sectors such as optronics and automobile safety.

Other Market in China

Highly aspheric mirror shape installed on Gaia satellite. High precision and coated with a reflecting optical treatment, they are designal to determine the distances, movments and magnitudes.

Safran Electronics & Defense is very active in the optronics and navigation sectors through its two subsidiaries Reosc and Colibrys. Reosc has already taken part in several projects in cooperation with different public or private partners in China. Colibrys seeks to increase its Chinese market share of accelerometers and MEMS sensors, for multiple applications, such as the seismic monitoring, the transport and the energy.


Safran Ceramics designs, develops and produces energetic components for gas generators used to deploy airbags and to pre-tension seatbelts through its joint-venture SMECQ. With major Chinese and foreign car parts manufacturers in China as customer, SMECQ supplies tablets used in automotive airbag assemblies and other safety devices based on advanced European technologies.



Safran Electronics & Defense : Building on its unrivaled expertise in avionics, Safran Electronics & Defense designs, develops and produces products for both civil and military airplanes and helicopters. We also provide a full slate of support services, including technical assistance, MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) and training.

Safran Ceramics : Safran Ceramics is a world leader in the design, development and production of solid rocket motors for launchers, with unrivaled experience and expertise in energetic materials and thermostructural composites for space.


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