Safran Seats - A world leader in aircraft seats

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Safran Seats is a world leader in aircraft passenger and crew seats. One million seats made by the company are now in service worldwide.

Safran Seats partners with airlines and aicraft manufacturers to bring its customers innovative, high added-value solutions to support them in their business. Its expertise encompasses the entire value chain of its products, from design to assembly and including certification.

Employing several teams of designers, Safran Seats products reflect the determination to combine three fundamental challenges for the seats market:

  • continuous improvement in passenger seat comfort and ergonomics,
  • the possibility of offering differentiation to its airline company customers with personalizable products,
  • ongoing research to optimize the available cabin space (passenger numbers, stowage etc.).

Safran Seats offers a comprehensive range of products:

  • passenger seats for economy and premium economy class,
  • passenger seats for business and first class,
  • crew seats,
  • helicopter seats.


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